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Analyse your smile


There is no reason of being unhappy because of your smile. With the advances made in cosmetic dentistry you can walk away with a beautiful and confident smile. Simple procedures like teeth bleaching or reshaping your teeth can make a great difference.

Now there is no need to be scared of the dental treatment. The latest procedures are quick, painless and comfortable. Within an hour you can move out of the dental office with a more confident smile with your attractive teeth and better function.

Find out if you need smile designing


If you are conscious of your smile, you need to observe yourself to know the reason and get yourself a dental appointment.  Observe yourself for the following:


  • Check for spaces in your teeth. These spaces might be evident if you look in a mirror.
  • Do you find stains on your teeth? Even though this is not the only cause, but smokers / tobacco chewers / tea & coffee drinkers tend to have stains on their teeth.
  • Look in the mirror to observe if you front two teeth are too long / short / wide. Also observe if any of your teeth stick out.
  • Observe if your lower teeth are uneven in appearance.  Do they look crooked?
  • Are your teeth overlapping each other? Also, do too much of your gums show when you smile?
  • Observe if any of your teeth are of different colour? They could be whiter than other or on the yellower side.
  • Do your dental treatments like fillings and crowns look artificial?
  • Do you find your gums to be swollen?